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Order & Discount & Coupon Code

I need to purchase a large amount of products, can I get a wholesale discount?

Yes, please contact us at support@antoinelight.com and we will get back to you with discount information.

I just want to buy some lights for my new house and do not have a large order, is there a way for me to get discount as well?

Yes, if you are a new customer, you can use "NewCustomers" to get 5% off instantly. Or subscribe us and we will send you a coupon code which give you 6% off - the best we offer online besides special promotion.


More about Products

What kind of Crystal are we using?

K9 crystal is what we are using.

What is K9 Crystal?

K9 is a Chinese Optical Borosilicate Crown Glass. It has low inclusions and bubbles. It is used for lenses and prisms for lasers and optics. It has good physical properties and can be polished like leaded glass. It also weighs approximately 15% less than full (24%) leaded glass (crystal). A US equivalent is BK7.

How should I prepare when shopping for lighting?

First, know your budget. Second, if possible, look for pictures from magazines that reflect your taste. Third, collect fabric swatches or color chips for any area you are redecorating.

How do I know which power supply to use?

First determine the application (indoor dry, indoor damp, outdoor). Not all power supplies can be used in every application. Next, calculate the total wattage of tape light that will be used. To calculate wattage, multiply the total number of feet by the W/ft. of the tape light. Finally select a power supply that is equal to or more than the total wattage of the tape light.

What is the best way to install my new lights or chandelier?

There are installation instructions included in every object we sell. If you are uncomfortable with the installation, we recommend you contact a licensed contractor or electrician.

Are antoine light fixtures manufactured in the US?

antoine light fixtures are manufactured in China.

How do I clean my fixture?

Be certain electric current is turned off before cleaning.

Clean metal components with a soft cloth, moistened with a mild liquid soap solution. Wipe clean and buff with a very soft dry cloth. Under no circumstances should any metal polish be used, as its abrasive nature could damage the protective finish placed on the metal parts.

Wood components may be polished with a fine furniture polish, taking care to avoid getting the polish on the metal surfaces.

Never wash glass or crystal shades in an automatic dishwasher, line a sink with a towel and fill with warm water and a mild liquid soap. Wash glass or crystal with a soft cloth, rinse and wipe dry.

Do your products come with any guarantees?

Yes, all our products come with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee which covers normal wear and tear.


Security & Privacy

Is it safe to order through antoinelight.com over the internet?

Yes. All information is encrypted through SSL during transmission to ensure maximum security. More information about Security & Privacy, please click here.



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